Faux Finishes

The past few decades have been a challenging one for our industry, the recession left us scrambling to reduce metal maintenance costs for the commercial real estate community. With that challenge also arose opportunity. As the economy rebounded, building owners sought to renovate lobby areas to attract tenants. Architects, following the general trend of Neo-Modernism, specified metals that rejected classical ornamental and decoration. Rather than use expensive brass and mirror finishes, satin stainless and cold-rolled steel was specified.

In response to this trend, ADDCO developed a number of cost effective solutions for the commercial real estate industry. We pioneered the use of faux stainless coatings, which can be sprayed applied to brass to give it the appearance of satin stainless steel. In addition, we provided a number of oxidized finishes for use on stainless, cold-rolled steel, and brass. The pictures below show some of the various faux finishes ADDCO can apply in your building.


We boast the most experienced workforce in the Southeast. Our metal foreman all have at least 15 years of metal refinishing behind them, and none of our current apprentices have less than two years experience.

Quality Performance

Providing maintenance services is much more than cleaning and lacquering metal on a periodic basis. It involves providing schedules that outline the work to be performed, scheduling work in a manner that does not disturb tenants or lead to late night phone calls, thoroughly cleaning the work area after refinishing, and following up with quality control inspections.

Competitive Pricing

We at ADDCO METAL know that the services we provide our customers are competitive with any of our industry rivals.

That is the quality performance AADCO METAL provides to maintenance customers at over 100 current accounts. One request for proposal will show you.